Manual Testing

What is Software Testing? Software testing is the process of evaluating a system with the intend of finding bugs. It is performed to check if the system satisfies its specified requirements. Testing measures the overall quality of the system Read more »
Why is Testing required? Software Testing as a separate activity in SDLC, is required because- Testing provides an assurance to the stakeholders that product works as intended. Avoidable defects leaked to the end user/customer without proper testing adds bad Read more »
Who does Testing? Software Testing is/can be done by all technical and non technical people associated with the software. Testing in its various phases is done by- Developer – Developer does the unit testing of the software and Read more »
When do we start Software Testing? Based on the selection of different Software Development Life Cycle Model for the software project, testing phase gets started in the different phases. There is a software myth that testing is done only when some Read more »
How is Software Testing done? Software testing can be done both manually as well as using automation tools. Manual effort includes verification of requirement and design; development of test strategy and plan; preparation of test case and then the execution Read more »
What is Software Quality? Software quality is the conformance of a software system to its requirements. In software perspective, quality is defined by two factors – Validation and Verification. Validation checks if the process used during software development is Read more »
Verification and Validation Verification is the process of evaluating the artifacts of software development in order to ensure that the product being developed will comply to the standards. It is static process of analysing the documents and not the Read more »
What is Smoke Testing? Smoke Testing is performed after software build to find out that the critical functionalities of the program is working fine. It is performed “before” any detailed functional or regression testing on the software build. The purpose Read more »
What is Sanity Testing? Sanity testing is performed after receiving a software build, with minor changes in code, or functionality, to confirm that the bugs have been fixed and there are no further issues introduced due to the new changes. Read more »
What is Manual Testing ?   Manual Testing is a process of finding out the defects or bugs in a software program. In this method the tester plays an important role of end user and verifies that all the features of Read more »