Performance Testing Introduction Performance Testing Introduction In software engineering, performance testing is in general, a testing practice performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. It can also serve to investigate, measure, validate or verify other qualityattributes of Read more »
Types of Performance Testing Performance Testing types Here are some of the Types of Performance Testing..   Load testing Load testing is the simplest form of performance testing. A load test is usually conducted to understand the behaviour of the system Read more »
Process of Performance Testing Process of Performance Testing Here are steps involved in Performance Testing Process.. Recording user scenarios Parameterize test scripts Grouping user scenarios Creating Load Scenarios Simulate and Execute the load Analyze Test Results Submitting the Reports Read more »
Lifecycle of Performance Testing Life cycle of Performance Testing Performance Testing starts parallel with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). NFR elicitation happens parallel with System Requirement Specification (SRS). Now we will see the phases of Performance Testing Life Cycle Read more »
What is Capacity Testing? What is Capacity Testing? Capacity Test: Capacity Testing is conducted in conjunction with capacity planning, which you use to plan for future growth, such as an increased user base or increased volume of data. For Read more »
Performance testing Terminology Performance testing Terminology     NFRs  ( Non Functional Requirements) Average Response Time – The average turnaround time from the request issued from the client to response received from the server to client. Transactions per Read more »
Common Performance Problems Common Performance Problems   Here are some of the common performance problems.. Long Load time – Load time is normally the initial time it takes an application to start. This should generally be kept to Read more »
Common Metrics Monitored in Performance Testing Common Metrics Monitored Here are the common metrics monitored in Performance testing.. ( Highlited in blue color are the most used metrics) Processor Usage –amount of time processor spends executing non-idle threads. Memory use –amount Read more »
Identification of the Performance Test Environment Identification of the Performance Test Environment     1)   A SUBSET OF THE PRODUCTION SYSTEM WITH FEWER SERVERS OF LOWER SPECIFICATION This is a very common test environment preparation approach where performance testing is conducted Read more »